Kindergarten Cheat Sheet

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The walkathon is the biggest event of the year at RHS. It is a full day event, so plan on being there most of the day. Bring your entire family. Younger kids, parents and others are all welcome to walk. Also, bring water bottles, sun screen, blankets, chairs or whatever you need to be comfortable. Check out the How it Works page for more information.

When: Saturday, May 5, 2018

Where: Teacher’s parking on 39th Ave

Time: 10am – 3pm

Checkin starts at 9:30

There is free food (simple sandwiches and fruit) for walkers and food options for purchase for the rest of the family (between $3‐$12 per person).

Bring a box of popsicles. These will be handed out to walkers in the afternoon.

The walkathon happens rain or shine. Last year, 93% of the student body participated in the event.

The walkathon is the second largest fundraising event for the school. Students collect pledges for walking. They receive prizes for reaching certain monetary goals, starting at $100. Most students raise at least $100. Sixty percent (60%) of students raise over $100 and 23% raise over $300.


Each student will receive a pledge sheet and collection envelope so they can raise money. Students can ask friends, family and neighbors to sponsor them either by a flat rate or per kilometer walked. Kindergarteners’ goal is to walk 8 kms. If they walk 8 kms, they will receive a medal at the end of the day. Money will be connected every Friday school is in session from April 20 to May 18. Students bring their pledge sheet and envelope to school on Friday. Teachers will collect them, volunteers will count the money and record it, and the forms will be returned to the students by the end of the day.

Students receive a button for their first sponsor. Make sure to send in the form even if it is a per kilometer pledge so that your child can receive a button.

The walkathon officially kicks off April 9th with a school assembly. Students will receive a prize sheet and forms will follow. Make sure to look for communications about walkathon details.