How it Works

Day of the Walkathon ~ Saturday, May 5th, 2018

The walkathon is held rain or shine. Students can check-in beginning at 9:30am. The official start time is 10am. Check-in at the teachers’ parking lot on 39th Ave.  A signed permission slip is required to participate.  Students will receive an official walkathon shirt when they check in.

From 10-3 p.m., students walk a 1 KM loop around the school, receiving a stamp on the back of their walkathon shirt after finishing each lap.   Stamps are then counted at Checkout.  Students who reach their grade level kilometer goals will receive a medal.

Remember to bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and a box of popsicles to share.  To make the walkathon “greener” this year, paper cups will be available at fewer stations and students will receive a 1 KM stamp for using their own water bottle.

Grade level Walking Goals:

K – 8 KM

1 – 10 KM

2 – 12 KM

3 – 14 KM

4 – 16KM

5 – 18 KM 

An alternate route within the schoolyard will be provided to students as needed.

If a student has a conflicting organized physical activity(e.g., baseball or soccer game, dance recital) that causes them to miss 2 hours or more of the walkathon, they may receive credit for up to 4 km. Parents or guardians must fill out a sports activity form to qualify for the credit.

Food will be available. Free fruit, sandwiches and popsicles will be given out to walkers. There will also be other food for sale.

The Walkathon coordinator this year is Katie Lewis.  Please contact them with any questions or to offer your help. 

Prizes and Recognition

Every child receives a button for their first pledge, another for walking on the day of the event and, when they check in, an official walkathon t-shirt, designed by RHS student.   Those meeting their grade level kilometer goal will also receive a medal when they check out.

Students can also win prizes for the money they raise.  Prizes are distributed on the day of the Awards Assembly.

Getting Sponsors & Collection Days

  • Each child receives a sponsor sheet at the Kickoff Assembly to track donations.  Students are encouraged to ask neighbors, family and friends to sponsor them, either with a flat donation amount or a per kilometer pledge that’s collected after the event.  
  • Many children write a letter that parents scan and send via email to friends and family, asking for donations/pledges.   Including a link to this website in that email gives more information to potential sponsors.  
  •  Out of town folks can donate on this website via PayPal/Visa and that donation amount will be credited to the student being sponsored.   Only flat-amount donations can be accepted.
  •  Except for donations that come through this website, families are responsible for collecting the pledged amounts from sponsors.  
  •  Money will be collected every Friday that school is in session from April 20th to May 18th.  
  •  On each collection Friday, students turn in any money they have collected during the week to their teacher, using the collection envelope stapled to their sponsor sheet.  Envelopes will be returned that day. Students will be notified of any website donations received in their name.  
  •  Please make sure to fill out the collection envelope completely each time your child turns in money, to ensure they receive proper credit.  Cash and checks made payable to “RHS PTA” are gratefully accepted.   Please do not turn in coins.