What is the walkathon?
The walkathon is the most popular event at RHS. Last year 93% of the student body participated in the walkathon. It is also our second largest fundraiser for the school. The funds raised go to support PTA programs that help offset the impact of larger class sizes. For example, the PTA helps fund academic support in K-1 classes as well as pays for the garden program, which allows a teacher to work with half a classroom while the other half is at gardening.

When is the walkathon?
Saturday, May 5th from 10am to 3pm. Rain or shine.

What time should I get there?
Check-in starts at 9:30 am. Go to the teachers’ parking lot on 39th Ave.

How many kilometers is my child expected to walk?
K – 8KM    1st – 10KM    2nd – 12KM    3rd – 14KM    4th – 16KM    5th – 18KM

What if my child has a conflict that day with a scheduled sporting event?
If a student must miss more than 2 hours because of an organized sporting event, they may receive credit for up to 4 kms. Caregivers must fill out a sports activity form to qualify for the credit.

Can younger siblings participate?
Everyone is encouraged to participate, especially younger siblings. T-shirts are available and kids will receive a medal if they meet the kindergarten km goal of 8 KMs.

What should I bring?
Make sure to bring a water bottle, sunscreen, hats, blankets and chairs. It can be a long day in the sun so be prepared.

Also, bring a box of popsicles. They will be handed out to walkers as the day heats up.

Will food and drinks be available?
Yes, we will have water stations set up along the route. There will also be popsicles, sandwiches and fruit that are free to walkers. Food for purchase will also be available ranging from $3 to $12.

Where are the bathrooms located?
Bathrooms are available at the Rec Center.  The bathrooms at RHS will be closed during the event.

What does my child need to do to participate?
Turn in a permission slip, ask family/neighbors/friends to sponsor them with pledges/donations, and come ready to walk and have fun with their friends.  Donations can be a flat amount or per kilometer pledges. All forms can be found at rhswalkathon.com

How does the collections process work?
Each child receives a sponsor sheet at the Kickoff Assembly to track donations. Students are encouraged to ask neighbors, family and friends to sponsor them, either with a flat donation amount or a per kilometer pledge that’s collected after the event.
Many children write a letter that parents scan and send via email to friends and family, asking for donations/pledges. Including a link to this website in that email gives more information to potential sponsors. Out of town folks can donate via PayPal at rhswalkathon.com and that donation amount will be credited to the student being sponsored. Only flat-amount donations can be accepted. Except for donations that come through this website, families are responsible for collecting the pledged amounts from sponsors.

Money will be collected every Friday school is in session from April 20 to May 18.

On each collection Friday, students turn in any money they have collected during the week to their teacher, using the collection envelope stapled to their sponsor sheet. Envelopes will be returned that day. Students will be notified of any website donations received in their name.

Please make sure to fill out the collection envelope completely each time your child turns in money, to ensure they receive proper credit. Cash and checks made payable to “RHS PTA” are gratefully accepted. Please do not turn in coins.

When is the last collection day?
Of course you can always turn in money, but the last day to turn in money to be counted toward prizes is Friday, May 18.

How do children earn prizes?
Students receive prizes based on the amount of money they collect. The prizes reflect collection goals. Every student who raises $100 will receive a prize. Any student who reaches higher goals will receive the $100 prize and the prize at that goal. Prizes will be distributed during the assembly in June.

Students (boy and girl) who walk the farthest and raise the most money in their grade level are recognized at the Awards Assembly, and receive a gold medal. School-wide winners have their names engraved on the walkathon plaque in the school lobby.

The classroom with the highest participation rate and the classroom that raises the most will be recognized at the Awards Assembly and given their choice of an ice cream or pizza party.

**What is new for this year?**

Online Fundraising!  Follow this link to our Walkstarter page!

This year we are encouraging folks to bring their own water bottles to be filled at water stations. Every student who brings and uses a water bottle will get a 1KM stamp.

Also, this year we have added more and exciting food for purchase. We will have food trucks available on site in addition to pizza and coffee.

And, this year folks can donate to students online. Go to rhswalkathon.com.

Sounds like a lot of work, how can I help?
Volunteers are needed to help with set-up, breakdown, check-in/check-out, water stations, running the route, selling pizza and more. The volunteer board will be at pick up. You can also contact this year’s walkathon chair: Katie Lewis.