Each child receives a sponsor sheet to track donations. Sponsors can give either a flat amount or per kilometer. Ask the teacher for additional forms as needed. Families are responsible for collecting donations.  Only monies collected will be counted in students’ totals.

Create a custom page for your children and send the link out by Facebook, Twitter, or email!  We are using Walkstarter to manage online donations.  Create your page today!

Walkstarter Guide for Parents

Children are encouraged to ask neighbors, family and friends to sponsor them. Many children write a letter that parents scan and send out via email asking for donations. A link to the website will give more information to potential sponsors. Out of town folks can donate directly on the website via PayPal.

Money will be collected every Friday from April 20 to May 18. Children should bring their collection envelope to school and turn it in to the teacher. The walkathon collection team will count the money and return envelopes by the end of the day. Students will be notified of any PayPal donations received in their name. 

Students will receive prizes for the money the collect. They will receive a button for their first sponsor. They will also get prizes based on the amount of money the raise.